Coronavirus: Due to the continued impact of Coronavirus, we are prioritising emergencies and services for the vulnerable.

As a result it may take us longer than usual to answer customer enquiries and complaints.

We will continue to keep you updated when we can, however we may not be able to meet the timescales set out in our service standards. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Our aim is to ensure we handle your complaint in a prompt, polite and fair way, by working with you to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Once we know something has gone wrong, we can put things right, and prevent similar things happening in the future by learning from our mistakes.

We have fully adopted the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code.

How to make a complaint

It is easy to make a complaint about our service. We have a dedicated team of Customer Focus Advisors to handle your complaint.

To make a complaint you can:

When you contact us, please tell us:

  • your full name, address and contact number(s)
  • what happened, when it happened and how it affected you
  • what you think we should do to put things right

If you need help to make a complaint:

Please contact our Customer Service Centre and they will be able to assist you. We are committed to equality and accessibility. If you can’t do this yourself, you can ask a friend or relative to help you. We accept complaints from advocates once we have confirmed that they have been authorised to act on the customer’s behalf.

Sharing your details

We may share your name and contact details with In House Research, an external company who we have appointed to carry out surveys so that we can obtain feedback from you on our complaints service. The appointed company will work on our behalf and will never use your information for any other purposes.

What happens next

We will always try to resolve your complaint on the day we receive it. If we are unable to resolve the complaint within 24 hours, we will acknowledge that we have received your complaint within five working days.

To view the detail of our complaints procedure please click here.

Is your complaint about noise nuisance or anti-social behaviour?

To log this, please sign into your online account and complete the relevant form.