Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable. It includes behaviour that causes harm to:

  • the environment, like graffiti or fly-tipping
  • the community, like noise pollution, drunken behaviour or drug taking
  • an individual, like threatening language or aggressive behaviour

Remember: if there's a threat to life or a crime being committed ring 999.

Report anti-social behaviour

If you are feeling affected by anti-social behaviour then you need to let us know. 

You can report anti-social behaviour via your online account.  We'll need you to answer a few questions to help us understand the problem.

If you would prefer to speak to someone then you can call our customer service team

What else can you do

Talking to the person causing the nuisance may help. Explain politely how their behaviour is affecting you. Often the person is not aware that they are causing a problem.

If the problem is excessive noise you can also contact your local authority's environmental service. Under the law, local authorities have a duty to deal with any noise that they consider to be what's known as a 'statutory nuisance'.

What we'll do

If the case is serious you'll be contacted by a Tenancy Enforcement Manager within 1 working day.

In all other cases you will need to complete our Initial Anti-social Behaviour Report. We will assess this within 5 working days.

If the report is accepted a Tenancy Enforcement Manager will discuss your report with you. We'll take the appropriate action to resolve the nuisance if we believe that the conduct constitutes anti-social behaviour.

We often work in partnership with other agencies. Sometimes our partners - especially the police and environmental health departments - are in a better position to take the lead in order to resolve cases effectively.