Scrutiny…first of all, what does scrutiny mean?

Scrutiny is when you look at something really closely or complete an assessment against something, so, for example, we may scrutinise our Lettings Policy to make sure that it is fit for purpose and ensure that we are doing everything we can to create a positive customer experience for you.

Our scrutiny process aims to provide customers with more power in:

  • holding us, the landlord to account for our decisions, performance and conduct
  • providing you, our customers with the opportunity to influence, redesign and shape our services.

What is the Scrutiny Team?

The Scrutiny Team is made up of six Places for People customers from across England and formed in November 2019. The members of the team have all taken part in training from the Tenant Participant Advisory Service (TPAS). The group monitors our performance to ensure that services are shaped around the needs of our customers and the targets we set out to achieve are met i.e. our Customer Satisfaction targets.

We will listen to our customers and we will take action to change things to make things better for you. Our focus is to improve the services we offer to our customers.

To strengthen the voice of our customers we make sure that we comply with the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard which asks us to show how we meet the regulation.

Some examples of these include:

  • how we consult with customers
  • provide good customer service and provide choices to customers (including information about any additional costs relevant to specific choices)
  • have in place a clear and accessible complaints procedure
  • respond to the diverse needs of customers.

To view the full Tenant Involvement and Empowerment standards document, please click here

Meet the Scrutiny Team


What does the Scrutiny Team do?

Each year the Scrutiny Team plus a wider group of customers will vote on topics they would like the team to focus on, with the aim to carry out two in-depth reviews per year. The Scrutiny Team’s recommendations are reviewed by senior management and then changes are made to the way we deliver our services.

The group carried out their first review in February 2020, the details of this review can be found in the attached report.

To give feedback or receive more information on how to get involved, please email

View our Scrutiny Reports

We will publish all our Scrutiny Reports here.