Do you have a family member, friend or neighbour who would love to get online but cannot achieve this due to current barriers?

Find out what support is available for them.

Barriers to getting online

The reasons for people not being online usually fit into the below categories.

  1. It’s not for me
  2. I lack support
  3. It’s too complicated

What are the benefits of being online?

Ensures that you can keep in touch with family and friends worldwide through social media, email, Skype and Facetime. In turn using the internet will build citizen confidence and wellbeing and can reduce the feeling of isolation.

Saves money
Being online provides access to a wider market and makes it easier to compare prices. You can find the best online deals and to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Saves time
It saves time from being on the telephone, you can contact people as and when you want to 24/7 e.g. PFP Online Services, online banking, and paying car tax.  You can now do this from the convenience of your own home at a time that suits you.

Will enable you to pursue your hobbies and interests and explore other cultures. You can also stay up to date with current affairs and catch up on TV using playback facilities.

Helps expand your knowledge and skills, undertake online courses and facilitate learning at your own pace.

Finding courses

There are many free and easy access courses available across the country to help people develop their digital skills.

Local resources and signposting

Local libraries
Offer computer facilities and internet access and can provide details of available digital courses. Many libraries offer the free learn my way course as detailed in the section below.

Local councils
Can provide details of courses for adult learners in their area.

Learn Direct
Has a network of local centres offering computer-based teaching.

National resources

Learn My Way
Free courses on using a computer, browsing the web, sending an email and finding work online. Places for People have a Unique Code that customers can use to register for Learn My Way. This enables us to support them in their learning. If a customer is interested in using Learn my Way please advise them to contact in order to be supplied with the code.

Age UK
For anybody over the age of 50, if their local centre doesn’t have a course on they might know where does.  They can also send out a handy internet guide called the "golden guide" free of charge if customers ring their local Age UK branch.

A free online platform for currently unemployed people to find training courses in their area.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about helping others and would like to make a real difference by supporting other customers to gain Digital Skills then why not sign up to become a Customer Digital Champion.

Our Customer Digital Champion program consists of two short mandatory courses plus many other optional courses that improves your knowledge on how to help somebody get online.  The course is administered by Digital Unite and is CPD accredited.

As a Digital Champion you would need to commit to helping digitally excluded customers for a couple of hours each month.

There are many benefits reported back by previous learners.  70% of digital champions on the programme reported on added skills and experience, 80% gained confidence and 81% reported getting satisfaction from helping others.

The invitation for training is available to customers who wish to become digital champions within their community.

If you are a customer that regularly gets involved and might be great at this type of engagement then please email our Digital Engagement Officer, Francesca Broxton at: