Good Neighbour Awards

Are there any unsung heroes in your community? Our Good Neighbour Awards take place every year. They are an opportunity to give someone the recognition that they deserve.

National Customer Group

This group will include customers from across all the Places for People Affordable Housing Group providers.


Star Awards

This is your chance to thank a member of staff that has shown dedication, commitment and hard work and who you think really helps make a difference.

Scrutiny Team

Scrutiny aims to give customers more power in holding us, the landlord, to account for our decisions, performance and conduct.

Together with Tenants Charter

Together with Tenants is a sector-wide initiative focused on strengthening the relationship between residents and housing providers.

Online Forums

Our online forum group review our performance and service standards, providing feedback and suggestions.

Residents' associations

Some of our neighbourhoods have recognised residents' associations that you may be able to join.

Digital surveys

If you like to engage digitally, our online surveys provide you with the opportunity to have your say and supply feedback on a range of different topics.

Become an ambassador

Be an Ambassador for new customers who want to find out more about their local area. Share your positive story of being a Places for People customer with others.

Thematic action groups

We host groups that bring customers together to discuss specific topics and themes that matter to you.

Reality Checkers

This trained group of customers listen in to actual recorded phone calls to our Customer Service Centre, which have been anonymised for confidentiality reasons.

Writing, reading and editorial team

This team reviews, checks and edits documents and communication via email to ensure that they are customer friendly.

Great for customers who are short on time but want to get involved. You can do it all from home

Customer open days

We host customer open days for customers to share their views and experiences. Each open day is hosted at a different location around the country. You are welcome to join us.